Some of you guys asked and are still asking me on social media what is happening with Fire Red Empress, so here goes… 

The band didn't put any update on their page, but since March of this year, I'm no longer part of it. 

I assume they will still continue to play together, but with another singer and probably another name.

Before this happened, the bass player Ben (also now ex-FRE) and I started exchanging riffs and ideas, which after meeting with an amazing drummer, Ros, we decided to give it a try and went for a jam. We drove down South in January with all our equipment and spent three days in an old chapel we rented. We jamed, got to know each other better, had some very fun time and something really cool came out of it. 

After three months in lockdown, feeling extremely down and missing playing a lot, I am planning on taking this more seriously and we are now working on this as a proper new band. 

This won't be metal, as exploring new and different ideas was the whole point. 

I'm still open to suggestions if a metal band is looking for singer though, as I still want and love getting very angry on stage \m/\m/ 

Here's a video of what happened after three days with these guys.

The band doesn't have a name yet but we called this song 'Perdita', a girl name that means 'Lost woman'